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best toddler straw cups

best toddler straw cups


best leakproof toddler straw cup for younger toddlers


If you’re transitioning your younger toddler from a bottle of formula or breast milk to a straw cup, you’re likely filling it with milk at least a few times a day. And the last thing you want is a leak. This toddler cup from Australian brand is a reliably mess-free solution. It’s completely leakproof regardless of whatever wild cup antics your toddler tries to pull off. It also features a weighted straw that moves with the liquid at whatever angle the cup is held, a nice feature for a younger toddler who may be used to holding a bottle. There are also easy-grip handles and a flip-top lid.

The cup is dishwasher safe, but you’ll want to clean the inside of the straw fairly often—and you’ll need a tiny brush (and a bit of patience) for that.
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