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About the range

Where are products made?

Our products are manufactured in China to our design specifications and quality standards. All our products meet relevant international standards.

Why is it important that products are BPA, Phthalates and PVC free?

While not banned in Australia as it is in the EU and USA, it is commonly accepted in the juvenile products industry that the use of plastics containing BPA, Phthalates or PVC are potentially harmful to infants and children, with links to developmental and hormonal issues and various cancers.  PVC is also a known carcinogen and is the least recyclable form of plastic. Its manufacture also has significant adverse environmental impacts due to the amount of additives and processes it needs to undergo. 

All products are free from these nasties and you can have total confidence that when choosing products, you are choosing products that are safe for your bub and the environment.  

Product questions

Sippy cup

Can I put warm liquid in the sippy cup?

No. Because wartm liquid could cause a build of pressure in the straw which may cause the straw to leak. 

Can I put juice or carbonated drinks in the sippy cup?

The Australian Dental Association does not recommend giving carbonated beverages or juices to kids due to risk of tooth decay. In addition carbonated drinks will cause a pressure issue in the straw. 

Can I place the sippy cup in the microwave?

The cup base is microwave safe. It is not recommend to serve hot liquids to your child in the sippy cup as explained above.

However, you can put the plastic cup base in the microwave to warm milk. Ensure you test temperature of liquid prior to giving to your child. As a guide, to warm milk, place 180mls in microwave for approx. 20 seconds.

Do not microwave lid with straw as weighted ball contains metal.

My cup is leaking. Why?

Have you checked that the silicone o-ring is in place on the inside rim? Changes in temperature can cause a build up of pressure and can cause it to leak through the straw. Simply turn the lid slightly to release pressure build up and re-tighten the lid. 

How do I remove the straw?

To remove straw, pull base of straw to the side with your thumb and pull down to release. To reinsert straw, put end through hole in lid and pull firmly until top ring is above the hole. 


How do I clean the straw? 

When cleaning the straw and to prevent the cup from warping, it’s best to use warm to hot, but not boiling water (not over 45°C). Hot liquids may cause burns. If using with warm/hot contents, please be careful when opening as pressure may build up and cause liquid to spray.

Otherwise we recommend that our straws are thoroughly washed following each use using warm soapy water and our straw cleaning brush and/or on the top rack of the dishwasher. Also, it is best to ensure all parts are completely dried.

Please also note all parts of the sippy cup (base, full lid, flip lid and straw with weight attached) can be sterilised up to 100°C.


Diaper wallet

When I open my diaper wallet, the wipes fall out?

Please check you have clicked the internal wipes cover into place. There are two slots at the front. You will need to ensure it is clicked into the bottom slot.

How many wipes does the diaper wallet hold?

Depending on the brand of wipes you use, you should be able to hold approx. 20 wipes.

Can I wash the change mat in the washing machine?

No. It is not recommended as this could degrade the coating on the fabric. We recommend wiping the mat clean using a mild detergent and damp cloth.

Will modern cloth diapers fit in the diaper wallet?

The diaper wallet is designed to hold 2 disposable diapers. Most MCDs are too bulky to fit inside the wallet.


Travel bib

How do I clean the travel bib?

We recommend wiping excess food off the bib before folding into catcher. Then when you get home, simply hand wash in the sink and leave to line dry. It is not recommended to put bib in the washing machine as this may degrade coating and structure. The spoon is dishwasher safe.



Why is there a hole in the teat?

The small hole on the side of the teat provides the anti-colic functionality. Ensure the hole is at the top of the teat when in bottle to avoid potential leaks.

Can I put the bottle in the microwave?

You can use a steam steriliser with your bottle. When warming formula, it is not recommended to place in microwave as this can impact the quality of the formula nutrients. We recommend using our insulated bottle bag to keep water warm, or you can leave a buffer in the water level and top up with boiling water when ready to feed. 

Can I use other brand teats with the bottle?

We recommend using the anti-colic teats which are designed to fit best with the bottle. Some brands of teats may work, but we are unable to provide recommendations due to brand variances.

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